Earth & Sky Celebration - Dr. Lawless Park

Family outdoor fun



  • to excite youth into learning about the Earth
  • spread awareness about environmental concerns to all generations
  • incite action by individuals toward improving their own impact on the environment (reduce their footprint) 
  • create supportive atmosphere for entrepreneurial & creative thinking for products, systems, actions that reduce negative impacts or improve the environment
  • fun community event
  • utilize local park and spread awareness of park’s offerings year round
  • encourage exploration of the “outdoors” - open hiking trails, night sky
  • Celebrate with food, music, arts and entertainment.   
  • Bring local musicians, bluegrass to a wider audience
  • hands-on activities incite personal involvement and grow creativity and help “pat on the back” thumbs up on “Do It Yourself” mentality
  • Arts and crafts using recycled, natural materials, and/or hand-made products
  • raise awareness of importance of species diversity and compassion for other species
  • encourage wonder of the earth and stars awesomeness - wonders of the universe
  • atmosphere - ozone depletions - global warming and greenhouse effect - looking at the earth from a further perspective
  • shared globally - air, water, weather, atmosphere, stars-shared by all countries/peoples
  • stretching world view helping to understand everything is connected
  • species bio-diversity
  • shared goals, shared treasure, shared responsibility, shared impact/effects
  • promote “Buy Local” “Buy Michigan” “Buy Organic” “Buy Natural” “Buy Quality”
  • provide a new avenue for educators, local businesses, local artists to “share” their information, expertise, and/or products.
  • Discover...
  • Learn...
  • Study...